Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yellow & Pink

This week, we read a great book called Yellow & Pink by William Steig. The book is about two small wooden figures who were both wondering aloud about where they came from.

Pink decides they must have been created - after all, they are very intricate and he cannot imagine that they could have "just happened."

Yellow, on the other hand, believes that they came about quite by accident. Maybe over millions of years things just happened - a branch broke off a tree, rolled down a hill, got struck by lightning, etc - and they just "happened." And, this didn't just happen once, but at least twice - to create both Yellow and Pink.

I'll leave the ending as a surprise, but it's a great book to dispel the myth that there is not a creator. All of Creation points to God, the Almighty Creator, and this is a great way to share that Truth with our children!

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momof3feistykids said...

What an interesting metaphor! I'll keep my eye out for that book - it sounds like a fabulous springboard for discussion.

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