Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tadpoles: 1 month

We've had the tadpoles now about 1 month. They have grown so much! You can compare their size to the penny in the photo. They still do not have hind legs, but one of them is starting to get a bump on one side. You can still see "into" them and see what looks like a frog body. Also, their eyes are beautiful! They look like an "x" around the center of the eye - very cool. So far, they aren't much trouble, either. And, all 4 are doing well!


Sherri said...

Wow..they've grown!

momof3feistykids said...

Your tadpoles are really thriving!

martinbrtj said...

It's exciting to watch the transformation, isn't it? We've already set a "trap" for tadpoles in our yard. GB's old sandbox shaped like a turtle makes a perfect place for toads and frogs to lay their eggs. We just leave the lid askew and let the rain in. So we get tadpoles in it every year; as long as we don't empty out the rainwater.

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