Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tadpoles: Day 12

The growth rate of the tadpoles has been pretty amazing. We still have 4 - 3 are dark, like the one on the left in this photo, and the other 1 is light.
It's amazing that their eyes are so large and easily seen now. And, I'm not sure why as they should breathe under water, but they do surface and leave little bubbles on the surface of the water.
The neatest thing, though, is how you can see through their skin! Hopefully you can see it in this photo, but you can see their bodies forming! They have a small "waist" in the middle of their body and you can tell where their front legs will be forming above this point and their hind legs will be forming behind it.
We've really enjoyed looking at them each day to see how they've grown and changed! It's an amazing transformation.


Steph said...

They are thriving!

martinbrtj said...

We did tadpoles last summer. We got them from the ditch in our front yard.. isn't that gross? LOL We ended up raising 5 toads and a frog. The frog took months to actually transform, but the toads only took a few weeks. It was so interesting and I can't wait to do it again this Spring and Summer. It's funny, my son now has a reputation within the neighborhood as being the kid who loves frogs! Isn't that a hoot? If you haven't done this before and need some tips, you can email me. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We want to raise tadpoles too! I've been looking at tadpole kits online for $20+. I'm wondering, what is really needed. I've also thought of collecting my own out of a puddle. Would love to know how you got started. Thanks! Andrea

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