Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alexandra's Wildlife Photos

I gave Alexandra my old digital camera when I got my new one in late February. I've been taking a lot of photos in our backyard, and today Alexandra grabbed hers and went out to shoot some wildlife. I was so impressed as her photo of this dove turned out better than mine! (She's only 6!)

Then, she went and followed a squirrel. It was eating and she said it was chattering for her to go away. Again, I thought she took a great shot!

Later, we went on a photo nature hike - her idea. She took lots of wildflower pictures (some were great!) that we'll post later after we identify them, but I had to post this photo of her mockingbird now. I actually told her it wouldn't turn out and basically "encouraged" her not to take it. Finally, I told her she had to learn with her own mistakes. (Ouch! I guess I'm the one who needs to learn some lessons!)

1 comment:

martinbrtj said...

Alexandra! You go girl! Those pictures are AWESOME!

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