Sunday, March 11, 2007

Birds in Our Bird House!!!

I was so shocked today when we realized there were birds building a nest in Alexandra's bird house!!! She built this in the fall at Home Depot and I really thought it was just a decoration.
Today, we saw 1 (or 2?) birds poking their heads out over and over during about 5 minutes. (We never saw a bird fly in or out.) There are 2 slits on the top and then the circular opening. Most of the time, the bird's head would come out the side, but every once in a while it'd come out the circle. I stood and took a picture every time I saw a head, but "he" was fast! This is the only shot that was clear that got him at all... he's the little blurry spot in the circle. I will be watching the bird house and taking more photos! We are so excited!!!

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