Monday, March 19, 2007

King Alfred and the Cakes

Lately, I've been leaning more towards a Charlotte Mason type of education. So, we've dictated a few times in the past few weeks. I'm wanting to make it a daily practice.

Today, I started reading from Fifty Famous Stories Retold. I read the first story today, which was a great length - just 3 pages. I loved Alexandra's dictation! She was even using some exact words, like "ill-tempered woman." :-)

Here's her story (I used a tape recorder then played it back to type it up.):

King Alfred and the Cakes

One day, King Alfred had a big army. Then, suddenly a bigger army came. They, the other army besides King Alfred’s, was winning.

And so, the next day he was in the woodcutter’s house and she said, “I must go out. Would you watch my cakes for me?”

He said, “Yes, ma’m.”

And, she went. He also did not know how he could watch these any more. He stopped thinking about the cakes and started thinking about how he could get his army back.

Later, when the woodcutter came back, she was furious! I once heard that she even hit him by a stick, but I find it very hard to believe - such an ill-tempered lady.

I do not know whether he had supper or no supper, but I do know that she said, “You lazy! You just want supper! You don’t want a job. You just want to have supper!”

So, I’m not sure if he got sent to his room without one single bite of supper or got one big, yummy supper.

The End


Anonymous said...

Hey Dana!
Good for you! I'm trying this too and it's not easy changing the old ways. Hopefully I can be consistent about it!

Thanks for your encouraging note on my blog. You made my day!! :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry! Forgot to list "who" I am!

Shaun said...

We read this in Story of the World just last week! It really is a memorable story.

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