Thursday, March 22, 2007

Circulatory System

I taught our co-op today and we learned about the circulatory system. Mostly we followed these PSO Lessons. When we got the stethoscopes out, we even listened to our dog's heart. We also dissected a heart (well, the 2 younger girls went to play). And, we made candy blood like we'd made back in September.


Shaun said...

You do such creative things! Your weather looks lovely -- can't wait til we can take the easel outside up here in MN.

Lara said...

I love the link to the circulatory system activities. That is what we are studying too.

I also loved your water lilly post. What a great idea!


Sherri said...

We'll have to make the candy blood. My kids really enjoyed the jello cell we did this year. I couldn't believe it when they actaully ate it with all of that "junk" in it. Yuk!
Your pool looks great...I wish ours was ready to swim.

martinbrtj said...

What a great lesson plan. I will definitely borrow this one. You do find some great stuff!

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