Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Art - Impressionists

I mentioned earlier on a post that I've been learning about myself from the Impressionists co-op my friend is teaching. What I've learned is that I like my art! I'm usually careful not to do art in front of others. I think I just needed to try some new things!

The top painting was my very first attempt at oil painting ever! I was trying to do the Impressionist style with mixing colors and leaving brushstrokes. It was so fun! But, I don't know what I was thinking with the bridge... it shouldn't "end" in the water. Oh, well.

This is my second oil painting. I'm not totally pleased with the boat, but I do like this painting.

This is my chalk pastels. It's in the style of Dega. :-)

Lastly, this is my water colors. We should have used a different type of canvas. And, since it was running, I wasn't brave enough to paint a lady - just a ballet dress.


martinbrtj said...

OH, how fun! I love to paint, too! I've never tried oils, but I use watercolor a lot and I've done pastels. Do you guys have a pottery-painting type of store there? GB and I like to paint pottery sometimes.

Cyndi said...

Just beautiful! I love these!!

Donna said...

Good for you! I love the impressionists too..but I don't paint..not with paint any way.I make pictures with fabric. I love your should keep it up. :o)
I do want to try painting some day though.

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