Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Number Jugglers

Nothing like a math game with your breakfast in the morning! This one was called "The Number Ladder Game" and it was a game about equations that I found in Number Jugglers. Great game and we'll be playing it again!
(Can anyone tell me how to load a photo from a site like Amazon? And, is that OK? Does it hurt them in any way? I would think it'd help because more people would go there to buy it. Anyway, I guess I'm wondering about the "rules" of posting things from other sites. Thanks!)

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Laurie said...

I love how other blogs have books listed along the margins.
I went to and found the associates section.
You are signing up to recieve money for anyone who clicks through your website and buys anything.
I don't know if anyone will, but at least I know that using their html (which they give you to put picutres of their products on your blog) is OK since I get it from them.
It is easy to use, and anything on Amazon can be made into a little box with the product and price.
I have it in my margins now
and use it in my daily entries to if I'm talking about a book or product.
Hope this helps.
This link should work

Laurie Marr

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