Monday, March 05, 2007

Roll the Dice... That's Your Price

Ok. I made up another silly game, but Alexandra really enjoyed it, so maybe other children will, too.

We are working on making change from $5. When she sees that something costs $2.51, for example, she was giving the change as $3.59. (Do you see why?) So, I made up this game. I told her we were at a special store where you "Roll the Dice.. and That's Your Price." (I made a voice like a TV salesman.)

We set up a store and she picked out an item. She rolled 3 dice and made the smallest amount she could (ex. $1.25). Then, she helped me make change. The practice really helped!

The other thing I did was told her that, for the change, you were trying to see what you added to it to make $1.

Also, since we were just making change from $5, I had her hold up 5 fingers. I said, if something costs $1 and some change, you've already used one dollar/finger and part of another (bend those down). SO, you only need to give them back 3 dollars/fingers, and some change to finish off that $1.

Hope these explanations make sense!

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Sherri said...

How fun! My kids love for me to play money games with them!!!

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