Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day at the Carnival

Today, we spent 5 wonderful hours at the carnival. Here are a few photos. (Above: just a photo of a slide I liked - I LOVE my new camera!)

On top of the ferris wheel..... one of the few rides I went on.

A "drop" ride - how does she do it? And why?

A not-so-little kid's roller coaster.

A HUGE slide... and, yes, I climbed up and went down... but only once.

She wanted to ride on so many big-kid rides. I can't believe she's old enough! She's on this Yo-Yo ride at night.

Loving my camera and the night-photos it can take!

Sacked out on the ride home about 8 pm.


Anonymous said...

Your camera does take some very nice night shots. When you took them did you have to do a special setting or just point and snap?

timbuck2mom @

Dana said...

Dana, that looks like so much fun!! I rode a ride like that drop one with Delena at Cypress Gardens, it went around in a circle and dropped you over and over. It was horrible. Not sure why I rode it. I rode the Tower of Terror at Disney-MGM a few years ago - and never again! I haven't even told Delena she is tall enough to ride it because I don't want to go on it again.

Sherri said...

That's really cool that your camera takes such great night photos. I just haven't been able to figure it out with mine!
That slide looks SO FUN!! My kids would love it. Okay, so would I!!!

Steph said...

What a beautiful smile! It looks like she had a blast.

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