Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tadpoles: Day 9

Today is our 9th day with the tadpoles. They are getting noticeably bigger each day! I would have guessed we could have fit 100 of them on a penny during the 1st couple of days. Now, I'd guess we could only fit 10 or 12! Such fast growth!
Sadly, the one with the crooked tail passed away a few days ago. We actually moved her to her own bowl to try to make sure she could find the food. But, it didn't work. So, now we only have 4 tadpoles (which is actually plenty!). We changed the water in their bowls today and hope they adjust OK. I'm a little worried as they don't seem to be swimming as much. Maybe I shouldn't have changed ALL of the water? I hope they're OK!!!

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