Saturday, March 10, 2007

Great Valentine's Activities and "New" Blogs

I've come across a couple of new blogs this weekend that I'm really enjoying. Wicked Pickles has a wonderful post about what they did on Valentine's Day. I'm posting the link here so I'll hopefully find it next year. They've also been studying the water cycle and weather which we're getting ready to do, so I'm getting some neat ideas!

I've also been reading martinzoo this weekend and loving Robin's posts. We have similar homeschooling and blogging styles and I'm just really enjoying reading about what they're doing at their "zoo!" I'm getting lots of neat ideas!

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Sherri said...

I enjoyed the blogs! I will have to add them to my favorites.
We studied the water cycle in September. Here is an activity that we did to create our own water cycle. It worked well!

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