Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Backyard Visitors

We've been having so much fun with the little nature visitors in our backyard lately. I've really been having trouble getting photos of the birds. Every time I open the door, they fly away. And, the photos through the glass don't turn out great. But, I thought I'd tell you who's been visiting us these first few weeks of spring.
  • squirrels - although they aren't coming as often as they did when we first put out the feeder
  • mourning doves - these have always enjoyed our waterfall "bird bath" (actually, just the waterfall to our pool)
  • pair of cardinals - I love these and have taken quite a few blurry photos
  • one bluejay, all alone
  • several sparrows - usually a male and female, but sometimes there is a 3rd female
  • a pair of mockingbirds - actually, until a few days ago, there was just one. But now, we have a pair. He stopped singing as much now that there are 2 of them. We'd just watched on Backyard Habitat that mockingbirds like to be on the highest place. Well, one of them (the male?) keeps perching on our backyard neighbor's chimney (I guess it's a chimney). (photo) Sometimes, the other one (female?) is on the roof near him.
  • Butterflies! Especially some Monarchs - and now we have a Monarch caterpillar (photo) who is growing fast! Just yesterday he was itty bitty.

It's a lot of fun learning who visits our backyard. We are leaving dh behind tomorrow and taking off on a vacation! Alexandra and I will be joining my dh's mom for a trip to Colorado - Alexandra's first trip to the mountains! I'm so excited, but a little sad to miss this spring transformation of our yard. I hope all of our little friends stick around! Anyway, I'm taking my laptop and hope to keep everyone up-to-date on our travels.

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martinbrtj said...

We've really been enjoying our backyard visitors, also! I'll enjoy while I can, because my allergies usually start up about now, and then I'm stuck indoors, watching, for several weeks.

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