Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yard of Toads

In the 10 plus years we've lived at our house, I've only seen a couple of toads. This week, we've found 8 of them! Although they were all small, this was the smallest. He was about the size of a dime! (He's sitting in my hand) What fun we've had finding these little toads!


Sherri said...

I LOVE baby frogs. When we were kids, we would race much fun!

Robin said...

Aren't they SO cute!
Last year when we did tadpoles to toads, I was afraid to even pick them up. I thought I might accidentally squish them. But they survived and were sent on their way in late Fall.
This year we are again doing toads, but we started with the eggs. Jennifer (Toad Haven) explained that we do indeed have toads because the eggs were in strings instead of balls. I'm very excited to see the transformation now that we have much better knowledge.

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