Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Museum Candy Fun

Our health museum is having a candy exhibit this summer. We went to a "show" which was really fun. I saw my first, live demo of Mentos in Diet Coke. Wow! What an explosion! I might have to buy the little dispensor to do this "science demo" on my own.

Alexandra had fun jumping on a huge "tongue." Each colorful circle represented one of the 4 tastes and it would say what taste (ex. salty) when you jumped on it. I loved one of the signs near the exhibit. This is what it said: "Could your schoolbooks be wrong? You may have learned in school that your tongue has taste zones. Each zone was supposed to recognize one of the four basic tastes: sweet... sour... salty... bitter. You might have even seen a tongue map like this. (shows traditional tongue map) Well, guess what? If you jump on the tongue, you'll see that receptors for all four tastes are scattered everywhere. Taste receptors are in the taste buds. Researchers have known since the mid-70s that the tongue map was not exactly right. But it's been printed and reprinted in textbooks since the late 1800's." Wow! It also says we might have a 5th taste called "savoury" which tastes meaty flavors.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I love it that they are challenging the schoolbooks! Museums are a much better way to learn! I have not been by your blog in awhile and I see you have been doing a lot of fun stuff! We actually did the Diet Coke and Mentos while on vacation. Messy, but FUN! I will be posting the pics in a day or two. Gotta spread out those vacation posts! LOL

Happy Homeschooling!


Teacher of One said...

What a neat exhibit! I would love to learn about CANDY!

Robin said...

Wow! I did NOT know that about the taste buds. I feel misled... :-( I don't know how they can get away with putting wrong info into children's textbooks. Who cares how many times it's been copied before? I love that your museum is setting the record straight!

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