Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Free Milkweed Seeds

I saw in a homeschool magazine about this site where you can get free milkweed seeds to start your own butterfly garden. When I went to the site, I read the following sad news:

"Monarchs need your help NOW! During the past few years, over 75% of the wintering Monarchs from North America froze to death in Mexico as a result of three days of rain and sub-freezing conditions. There is also a Nationwide shortage of milkweed. These freak weather patterns and destroyed habitats kill millions of helpless Monarchs. Habitat must be protected now to ensure their survival, before we see the day when this miracle of nature is only a memory. The Monarchs need your help NOW. Please plant seeds and ensure their survival. A Milkweed in every yard!"

So, they're offering free milkweed seeds (though there is a suggested donation of $2) so they can plant milkweed to help save the Monarchs. We only have 2 milkweed plants in our backyard we planted last fall and they are being rapidly eaten. There are so many mosquitos around it, that we haven't spent much time looking at it. But, a few days ago, we made a quick trip and found a monarch caterpillar under the very first leaf we turned over. So, I think we'll add a few more milkweeds to our garden!

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Robin said...

I'd like to do this, but I'm worried that it's too late in the year and that they would all die out before next year. What has your experience been with this plant? Are they easy to grow and what kind of place did you put them in?

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