Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Safe Side

On another blog I read (I didn't write down which one - sorry!), they recommended Stranger Safety video by The Safe Side. I borrowed it from the library and watched it on my own before sharing it with my daughter. I wanted to make sure it wasn't too scary.

Well, my daughter and I both love it. I watched it with her and we had some great discussions. I like, for example, how it compares strangers (which they call "don't knows" because you don't know them) to a dog you don't know. It might look cute and harmless (like the chihuahua they use in the video), but you can't tell just by looking. So, you always ask before petting a dog. In the same way, you can't tell if a person might try to hurt you just by looking at them. So, you need to have your "Safe Side Adult" with you or you shouldn't be talking to a stranger.

The DVD also covers not answering the door, your "personal space", not giving out personal information, and not going with anyone who isn't on your "approved" list. On the website, they also have a music CD you can buy and a guide you can download.

The whole video is funny, but it still gets the serious points across. I think it's important to teach our children about stranger and danger and I highly recommend this DVD! There is also one about internet safety.

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Teacher of One said...

I ordered this when it first started to advertise on tv... I think I may have seen them on Oprah too. G is SUCH a people person and I really needed a way to introduce this to him that didn't scare him. We both loved it! It really gives you great places to start discussions rather than pulling them out of the blue.

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