Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Galloping the Globe

I got a comment asking me about Galloping the Globe (GTG) and KONOS. My daughter is getting ready for 2nd grade and will, unless plans change, be using Volume 2 of KONOS (with the online co-op). We used GTG for Kindergarten and SOTW for a lot of 1st grade.

I LOVED GTG and highly recommend it. And, I would recommend starting KONOS after GTG. We didn't complete GTG, but we really learned a lot from what we did. And, it was so much fun!

There is a GTG yahoo group. The year we were doing it, the group was wonderful. They didn't seem as active this year, but hopefully this coming year will be more active again. And, you can always read the archives.

I think I've posted all of my GTG posts under "geography" if you want to look at some of them. I have changed the way I blog quite a bit, so it'll look different than it does now. :-)

Hope this helps!

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