Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daruma Dolls

We used a neat product called Rigid Wrap (you use it like paper mache) to make Daruma Dolls as we finished up our Japanese studies. We also went to Benihana this weekend for a Japanese meal.

Alexandra had never been and I've only been once - about 10 years ago. It was so much fun! If you haven't been before, they cook at your table, and it is quite a show. We had about 5 courses and liked almost everything. Alexandra especially enjoyed the fried rice and her chicken. I loved my shrimp and steak. What a wonderful finish to our study!!!


aly9712 said...

We went to a hibachi style restaurant not too long ago too. I think the flaming onion scared Alex and all the "throwing" of the food. It didn't help that our guy was still in training and missed the target on more than one occasion :)

It looks like you guys had an awesome unit study.
Alycia & Alexandra
The Power of One

Robin said...

LOVE Japanese-style eating! GB is also not a fan of the fire poofing, but he loves the rice. It's definitely an experience. I'm glad you had such a fun unit. Maybe we'll try one like it at some point, although I'm not sure I can cram one more thing into our coming year. I will keep it in my mind, though.

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