Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Golden Orb Spiders

I hope this doesn't bother too many of you out there! While we were blueberry picking last week, we came across this beautiful, large (the female is probably 2.5 inches) pair of Golden Orb Spiders. We'd seen lots of these spiders last fall while doing Alexandra's astronomy classes. But, I've never seen a male before. Isn't the size difference neat? You should be able to enlarge it by double clicking on it. You can even see the hairs on her legs! Wow!


Robin said...

OMG! She needs to shave!

Teacher of One said...

I don't want to enlarge it but I want to see the hairs!!! What a dilemma.


Merci said...

Oh holy moley, mama! A little warning please? I'm gonna have nightmares!

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