Thursday, July 05, 2007

Origami, Candy Sushi, and Zen Garden

We did some origami today for our Japanese study. Pretty hard for a 6-year-old. Actually, it was pretty hard for me, too. The solid sheets were from the kit in the photo - we got it at Half Price books. The carp is from this free site that has lots of pre-printed pages to fold.

We also had fun making candy sushi from Family Fun. I'm not much of a rice person and didn't workd up the courage to try real sushi. We only fixed up 1/4 a recipe of rice crispies and this was pretty tasty (except the red licorice didn't taste good with the mix.)

And, this photo is of a zen garden Alexandra made a few days ago. We found this little kit at Dollar General for $1! It didn't include a plate and I love this plate Alexandra chose for $1.50, I think. I chose a brown one, but I think hers looked much better.

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Robin said...

THAT is the only kind of sushi that I am willing to eat. It looks yummy! Is that a green fruit roll-up around the rice krispies?
I love your zen garden. I got one for the care package that I sent to Aquagirl at college and she loved it. I've had a real one that was quite pricey and thought it was a waste of money. One dollar is more my speed. And Aquagirl certainly didn't think anything of how cheap it was. She loved her care package.

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