Monday, July 02, 2007

To Buy or Not To Buy

Recently, someone left a comment on one of my frog entries. We bought some frog eggs through a science company back in February to watch them go through metamorphosis. The comment was asking if Iwould recommend buying the eggs. My answer: No. :-)

When I bought the eggs, I figured that when they became frogs I could release them. This is not the case. You are not allowed to release them both because you could be introducing new disease and possibly a new species to a pond. I understand this now, but wish I would have known before I got started. I now have 4 "pets" that I wasn't really prepared for keeping.

They are actually costing quite a bit of money, too. From the tank & things to go in to the tank to the weekly cricket bill - around $8. (I have 4 frogs)

My suggestion would be, that if possibly, you find local eggs that you can release back into their habitat when you're done with them.

Hope this helps! And, if you have any further questions, please ask away. I hope to take some new photos of our frogs soon. They are getting quite big!

Also, if you click on "tadpoles to frogs" on my sidebar, you can see more of our froggy adventure!

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Robin said...

Hi Dana~
This is for your friends with questions. If you look around in the early Spring, you can find tadpole eggs in lots of weird places. We found some in the ditch, which surrounds our yard. AND we actually got some by laying a trap in the back yard using our old sandbox. I left the lid askew and rainwater came in, and it got all murky, and then, lo and behold, toad eggs. The sandbox is located next to the woodsy area of our yard.
We also have a little pond down the street and saw some there.
When you first see them, they look like bumpy jello floating on top of the water.
I hope that helps your friends.

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