Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We are getting ready to practice writing in Japanese and I remembered we'd had Alexandra's name written in Japanese & Chinese at an Asian festival about 1.5 years ago. It is neat to see the difference. "Alexandra" is written in Chinese on the left and in Japanese on the right.


aly9712 said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to say hello. I have been lurking for a few months now and have been amazed at all you do. You are truly a blessing and great teacher.
My daughter is named Alexandra too, however she's only 3. Please feel free to check out my "blog" below as well. Thanks for sharing all your adventures, and know that others do find benefit from it. Great job!

Alycia in Va.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dana!

Hope you don't mind, but....


See my blog. Hope you can come play!

Cool to see the diff between Chinese & Japanese... Japanese looks so much softer...

In Him,
Donna C

Cyndi said...

Wow, I'd never seen them side by side that way. Thanks for showing us that! You're an awesome teacher. I just love seeing all you're doing!

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the difference in the two languages.

I liked your solar oven too. That looks like a fun idea.


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