Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Incentive Charts

We haven't been "doing school" this summer, but I did want Alexandra to continue to work on her math facts and reading. So, after a couple of not-so-good weeks, I came up with the above "incentive chart." We are using Quarter Mile Math, which Alexandra really enjoys. Each box represents one "race" - both for addition and multiplication. And, each box under "reading" represents 10 minutes of reading. Her goal was to complete this chart during the week and then she'd get her prize: movie (at home with mom), pizza and popcorn. She finished Saturday and got her reward. We'll be doing this again this summer, but I think I'll add typing to her list.

This second chart is one my friend, Ms. S, made for me. Her girls are doing this 1000 minutes of reading chart this summer, and we saw it on their fridge. So, here we go! Both of Ms S's girls chose a Webkinz as their prize for when they reach their goal, and that is what Alexandra wants, too. She's really motivated - she's completed 3 hours of reading in less than 48 hours!!! And, this is amazing as she hasn't been reading much for the past few weeks.

So, I hope these chart ideas might help someone! I'm thinking about using something like this all year long. We'll, see!


Sherri said...

The only thing I have planned to do this summer is a bit of math with Madison. We haven't done any of it yet....been too busy with everything else going on!!
As for reading, I had some little charts made up when school was going on. I could keep them going over the summer, but wanted to see if they would continue to read without them. So far, they are :)..yippee!!!
I love your charts...very organized!!

Melissa Telling said...

If you have a Barnes and Nobels close by, you might want to check out their summer reading program. Kids have to read 8 books to earn a free book & they can do this twice. We are also doing the summer reading program at our library. The only problem is that since we signed up, it's been hard getting them to do anything else. ;o)

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