Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Campaign Trail

Once again I'm sorry that it's been so long since I blogged. I guess this is just how summer will be this year. I also haven't been reading blogs like usual. Guess I'm just taking a break! I have started our Japan KONOS unit and I think we'll be using the online co-op next year. I'll try to post more about that tomorrow.

Last week, we helped a relative on the campaing trail. One of my relatives was running for office and we went to lend support and help out. I helped phone potential voters, stood at an intersection holding a sign and waving, and went to several rallies.

This was my first political experience. I am now more aware of how a campaign works (and so is Alexandra!) and will be kinder to those who call me about campaigns and will wave to those who are campaigning. I also just plan on being more informed and supporting the candidates that I agree with more in the future. Unfortunately, our relative lost, but it was a wonderful race and I am so proud of everyone who worked so hard.

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Robin said...

I am sorry she lost, also. But what a great experience for the whole family. You guys must be so proud of her spirit.
My family makes fun of me all the time (I'm an easy target), because when we are in the car, and we pass folks on the side of the rode waving signs or wearing those ridiculous costumes, I always wave to them. I try to put myself in their place. And I think that they think that nobody is looking. And I want them to know that someone is looking and appreciating - even if I don't stop to patronize their establishment. Anyway, my dh and my kids think it's hilarious that I wave to them all. But guess what? They wave back with more energy. So there! LOL!

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