Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lightning Bugs!!!

As a child, I loved catching lightning bugs. We would go outside and fill up a Mason jar. My family tells me a story from when I was very little - probably 3 or so. My big sister and I had caught a lot of fireflies and my mom let us bring them inside. Next thing they know, the jar is empty and they asked me where the fireflies were. I told them I'd "set them free".... down the toilet! (Oops!!!)

We don't see lightning bugs here in TX, so we were excited to see some in OK. This is only the 2nd time Alexandra has gotten to catch some. We only caught 4, but we had a lot of fun! And, we set them free... OUTside.


Teacher of One said...

Indiana is Lightning Bug central!
I wonder what the difference in seasons has to do with it? My mom has a friend in San Fransisco and her husband had never seen a lightning bug until they were here last fall. Hmmmm a lesson is forming.

I almost feel bad about making bracelets and writing on the sidewalk with their glow when there were children in the world that didn't have lightning bugs. LOL

Robin said...

We get lots of lightning bugs and always enjoy running around after them. I can thoroughly appreciate Alexandra's enthusiasm.

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