Friday, June 08, 2007

Dance Mat Typing

I guess we are kind of unschooling this week. I haven't had an agenda and I'm amazed at all Alexandra has been doing.

On Sunday and Monday, she was my teacher and taught me subjects like math, spelling (and I was impressed at the words she spelled!), drawing, etc.

The only work I did have her do was Quarter Mile Math 2 days to brush up on her addition and multiplication facts. But, both days she wanted to also work on her keyboarding skills so we did.

Then, yesterday and today, we re-discovered Dance Mat Typing (someone recommended it on their blog - thank you!! I just don't remember who right now) which is a free on-line typing program. She spent about an hour on it today! She really wants to learn to type. Then, tonight, she spent an hour writing me a letter on Microsoft Word.

So, I'm impressed at how she can lead me to where she wants to be, and I also wanted to share about this typing program that she's really enjoying. Hope everyone has a good weekend! - Dana


Sherri said...

Good old Dance Mat Typing. I'm sure I am the one who recommended it because we love it. Madison completely learned touch typing with it this past year. I have encouraged Jeff to use it...he still hen pecks :).

Teacher of One said...

This is the neatest program! Thanks for writing about it.

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