Monday, June 04, 2007

MTH: Vacation Under the Volcano: Part 2

We did finish up our study using the Magic Tree House's book, Vacation Under the Volcano. It was a great study! We had so much fun and will use this study for some more MTH books.

Here are some of the activities we did for the last 5 chapters:

Made a volcano explode (of course). I actually video taped Alexandra's "show", so I really need to figure out how to do videos! Maybe in the next few days...
Made a sundial. I was surprised when the time didn't match our local time - then I thought about time zones & daylight savings, etc. Our sundial was 2 hours off, but I think it was keeping time pretty accurately. The wind made it a little hard to tell, though. (I love how our dog seems to be checking things out.)
Made mosaics on a board with plaster of paris. This is my flower. I should have laid it out first and planned better. (Alexandra didn't like her finished product.)
Built arches. We used Model Magic, but since it sticks together (like clay), it was too easy to put together. I should have used clay that dries hard and then tried to build it after our "bricks" had dried.


Robin said...

What an interesting study. Do the activities come with the books or is it a listing in the back of the books? I wish GB were more into stuff like mosaics. I have a great stepping stone kit, but he doesn't want to do it. Maybe once he gets started he would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about the fun things you're doing with MTH. I think we are going to start working with a small MTH group in the Fall. Maybe we'll do some of these things, too. If so, I'll keep your tip about the Model Magic in mind!

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