Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jasper Johns

We have been studying the artist Jasper Johns for a few days after reading about him at ArtSmart4Kids. I hadn't heard of him before and enjoyed the links Jessica posted. And, I thought Jessica's Johns-style US map fit in nicely with our goal of learning the US states and where they are located. I wrote 'United States' on the map in white crayon before using the watercolors, but it didn't show up very well.

Then, Kathy at Art Projects for Kids came up with this Jasper Johns number project. I found it a good time to practice some math skills. For example, we had to cut 8 1/2 inches into 4 equal pieces. We haven't used oil pastels very much so I enjoyed the chance to use that medium.


Dana said...

We did the Mr Walker's assignment too, but the last week was missing...the very northeast. Did you have the same trouble?

Dana said...

PS Love your numbers art!

live4evermom said...

Don't you just like it when you run across something that goes along with what you are doing. Love your projects.


Rhonda said...

What great projects! Those numbers just look so lively with all of the colors!

Unknown said...

Next time you do a watercolor resist, you might try using the white oil pastel- it's thicker than the crayon. When you use crayon you have to lay it in really thick and hard for it to resist the paint.
These look great though and don't you just love the oil pastels?

PS Next time you paint with pastels, another technique is to use baby oil and a q-tip to spread the color around. It looks more even than the thick layer but I like the painterly quality of the thick layer too, it all depends on how you want it to turn out. If you use baby oil, just be sure to use thick paper as it does soak through.
Happy April Fools Day!

Jessica said...

When using crayon for watercolor resist, if it looks like the paint is going to cover the crayon, trace over the crayon with a clean, wet brush. The paint will slide off easily and the letters will stand out more. You do need to press very hard when using crayon. That can be tough.

I love that you studied Jasper Johns and incorporated him into your studies. The projects can out very nicely.

Robin said...

Love! Love!
*sigh* wishing for a child who loves art.........
I hope all your art projects get adequate display time around the house because they are so beautiful. Really, Dana.

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