Monday, January 07, 2008

AABB Poetry

Today we talked about poetry including AABB rhyming patterns, couplets, stanzas, and quatrains (4 lines of poetry with a rhyming pattern.) Then, we had fun completing our own poems. (The starter lines we were given are in green- our lines are in blue.) Alexandra wanted to write more and more! I think we'll have to try some more poetry this week. Hope you enjoy them! (I found the idea for this lesson at the Baltimore Curriculum Project.)

In winter I get up at night.
My hair is messy - what a sight!
The humidity in the summer I hate.
All day my hair ain't looking great.

Cookies are my favorite snack.
While I eat I smack, smack, smack.
Each flavor is so very sweet,
But chocolate chip cannot be beat.

My sister sits on them without one care.
I said, "Mom, it's just not fair!"
"Don't worry dear," my mother said.
"Cookies are hidden under my bed!"


Teacher of One said...

Those are AWESOME!!!

Robin said...

Very cute!
And man! That hair one sure is the truth!!!

Sherri said...

That's fun. We play around with rhymes like that sometimes around the dinner table. They always get mad because I can rhyme faster then the rest of them :).
We did some poetry writing our first year of homeschool...should get back into it!!!

raven cole said...

well hello im not a teacher but a student and i LOVE poetry i love learning about aabb,abba,abab and, abcb thank u lots teachers!

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