Friday, January 30, 2009

Where in the World is Mrs. Waffenschmidt?

We started something fun for geography this week. It's called "Where in the world is Mrs. Waffenschmidt?" There are 36 lessons and each lesson gives you a clue. Using the clues, you are supposed to figure out the name and location of each of Mrs. Waffenschmidt's trips. Here is clue #1:
Yesterday, I decided to get on a plane and take a trip. I found myself in a wonderful place. One of the most amazing things I saw was a huge white building that looks like a palace - but it's really a tomb for a dead woman! Seems when the man's wife died, he was so upset he wanted to build her the most beautiful tome in the world. The architect who designed it was "rewarded" by having his eyes pulled out! (Some people say his hands were crushed too.) Whatever really happened, it was done so the man couldn't build another building to rival this one. I am in a city called Agra. Can you tell what famous tourist place and country I am visiting?

We used google and I had Alexandra figure out some key words. She chose "white tomb Agra." Then, we looked at the results: Mrs. Waffenschmidt was in India visiting the Taj Mahal.

We read a few short articles about the Taj Mahal and found out this tomb was actually for the THIRD wife of the emperor. This surprised me as he built this tomb because he was so greif-stricken... and it wasn't even his first or his only wife.

My brother, "the world traveler" as I like to call him, has visited the Taj Mahal. So, I asked him to send me some photos - and he did! What's neat about the photo below is that he took it in a mirror. The emperor had a mirror built by his palace in Fort Agra so he could his wife's resting place from the palace.
My brother has been to 3 of the first 5 destinations (I've peeked and looked at the answers) so he's sending me photos from those, too. I think it'll make it more personal.

So, we're reading the clues, googling, reading about the destinations and looking at photos. We also need to find it on a map. I'd like to do something to keep, too. Maybe a lapbook or something. Any ideas???


Teacher of One said...

That is soo fun! i just bookmarked it. I have a friend who went to work with Mother Theresa for a couple weeks... he said he couldn't believe how breathtaking it was inside but just outside the gate was filth.

Rhonda said...

This is just great! I bet Alexandra is having lots of fun! Thanks so much for sharing the link. A lapbook would be nice to keep track of all of the places Mrs.Waffenschmidt has been or you could also have Alexandra do some notebooking and glue some of the photos inside of it.

jennybell said...

I agree with Rhonda that notebooking sounds like the way to go. Your "table of contents" page could be a world map with each site marked "#1, #2, etc" and then one or two notebook pages with the written clue, the story of your detection, some additional facts you discovered and a picture or drawing. I think it would make a great memory book to look back on in years to come. Thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

We are definitely going to start this right now! I love it. Seriously, Dana, you find such cool stuff. You were meant to be a homeschool mama. I so wish we lived closer.
And, good grief, how cool is it that your brother can send you real pictures of these awesome places? I am just green with envy!

Anonymous said...

We just finished reading a book in the Royal Diaries series about the daughter of this Emperor and his most loved wife. It is called Jahanara: Princess of Princesses

Unknown said...

OH what fun!
We'll have to do this.
Love the lapbooking idea w/ pics & maps and lots of facts.

Kids & I had fun looking up Dubai
for the tallest bldg in the world
and the new "Palm" communities.

I Recommend the Piers Morgan set of 7 videos on utube to learn more about the area.

astudent said...

i am a student and i found where to get the answers!! but that was along time ago and now my teacher wont give them to us anymore!! it was funny cuz we told everyone how to find them and she found out cuz almost everyone was gettin them all right!! lol :)

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