Saturday, January 24, 2009

La Jolla Cove (Day 4)

On Day 4, Alexandra and I went back to La Jolla to explore some more tide pools.

I liked seeing this sign about the tides, weather, etc. I enjoyed looking at a calendar that posted the high and low tides. Approximately every 24 hours, there is a high and a low tide, but they are all at different heights.

These are the rocks we walked on at La Jolla Cove. (This is just a few blocks away from the seals.) If you'll notice, the tops of the rocks are light grey while the rest of the rock is kind of brown. It's kind of sad, but these grey spots are where people walk and have killed all of the moss, etc. I was really nervous walking at the tide pools on the first day - there were some very slippery spots! But, after walking all over these rocks, I got pretty comfortable.

Another sea anenome - I could just sit and watch these, even though they aren't doing much! :-)

I need to look these up again, but I believe they are tube snails.

A pelican and some sea gulls. We saw TONS of pelicans!!!

I believe there are 7 caves in La Jolla. You can actually go kayaking into the caves!!! We decided not to do this, but Alexandra and I almost made it to the one "real" cave that you could walk into from a store. We just ran out of time! It is just about a block from this spot.

This is on the beach at the cove. You can see how the water has been cutting these caves out of the cliffs.
And, Alexandra playing in the waves! I enjoyed watching a man swim in the water and then emerge on this beach. And, we watched 2 SCUBA divers climb out here, too.


Rhonda said...

Wow! Those caves look amazing! I love the photo of Alexandra on the beach. She looks like she is having a blast!

Robin said...

I have to remember all this stuff when we go. How was the weather while you were there? It looks like sweater weather.
Those tide pools look really interesting to me. I've never seen one before and I'd love to go there.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, these posts are making me a bit green with envy! It looks like AMAZING fun!!

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