Monday, June 11, 2007

The Aquarium

On Saturday, Alexandra and I went to The Aquarium.

We rode the ferris wheel twice, the carousel, and she rode another ride 4 or 5 times that is just too much for me. The lift you up (in a "chair") and drop you over and over - kind of makes you tummy fly.

It was a hot day and Alexandra cooled off in the sprinklers - she didn't get too wet, though.

We toured the aquarium and saw lots of neat fish, etc. I liked this exhibit - Alexandra crawled under the exhibit and came up in the sting ray touch tank. We also saw a live feeding of some archer fish that was really cool. I got a video that I might try to put on the blog tomorrow.

We rode on a train ride through a shark exhibit - the train actually goes through a building and stops in a tunnel where the tank is on top of you and beside you. Our favorite was this sawfish. How do you like that face? (I mistakenly identified this as a swordfish earlier. Oops!)
From this website: Sawfishes are a group of extremely large shark-like rays which haunt the muddy shallows of tropical bays, rivers and lakes. Though fearsome in appearance, sawfishes are very docile. Due to decades of incidental capture in nets set for other species, sawfishes are in serious trouble and populations worldwide are severely depleted...

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Robin said...

Oh, I am SO jealous! I have been begging my dh to take us to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. But he just doesn't want to take so much time (It's 4 hours away). I've been once and it was such an impressive experience that I'd love for GB to get a chance to see it while he's still young. I'll just have to find someone else to go with us.

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