Monday, June 04, 2007

Frog Update

Our 4 leopard frogs are alive and doing well. I'm getting used to the feeding routine (of live crickets) and we even took them with us on our trip last week. They just continue to get bigger & bigger! When's they're full grown, they'll be about 3.5 inches long. One of our local pet shops has some grown leopard frogs and I can't imagine ours getting that big! Ours are just over 3 months old and about 2 inches long. Actually, the largest is at least twice as big as the smallest - and they all hatched the same day!

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Robin said...

Yesterday we went down to our pond to look for some tadpoles so we could start growing some frogs/toads. We didn't find tadpoles, but we did get some eggs and a baby frog. It's so cute it's only about 1/4 inch long. We also caught a tiny little crawfish. Your frogs are looking pretty spectacular. I remember when you first started them. I can't believe that big one is already two inches. He must be plowing through the crickets. LOL!

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