Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We are really enjoying our study of Texas. On the way to Dallas this past weekend, we stopped at the Sam Houston monument. We've done it a few times as Alexandra has been fascinated with Sam Houston since she was 3. The picture above is one of the huge statue with a little bitty Alexandra standing in front. I was also excited to pick up a few books about Texas in their gift shop.


  • True Tales of Texas by Bertha Mae Cox - this is kind of our "spine" to this study - written by a lady who is evidently passionate about Texas history, each chapter is told like a true "story" - we even bought our own copy to keep - with reading one chapter a few times a week, this will probably take a month
  • L is for Lone Star: a Texas Alphabet by Crane - good book that covers a lot of things related to Texas
  • Let's Remember... When Texas was a Republic by Betsy Warren - good book about Texas history - it's written as a coloring book, too - Betsy Warren has written about 8 books about Texas & they all look good
  • Let's Remember...When Texas Belonged to Spain by Besty Warren (same series)
  • Texas... in Historic Sites and Symbols by Betsy Warren
  • Voices of the Alamo by Sherry Garland - great book that travels through hundreds of years of history surrounding the Alamo from a mission to a landmark
  • T is for Texas by Anne Bustard - nice, short alphabet book about Texas
  • Texas Alphabet by James Rice - good book that goes into quite a few pieces of Texas history
  • A Picture Book of Davy Crockett by David Adler - we love this series
  • Texas Jack at the Alamo by James Rice - pretty good book, but a little bloody
  • Robert La Salle by Trish Kline - short story about La Salle
  • Gaston Goes to Texas by James Rice - cute story about Gaston, an alligator, who becomes a cattle herdsman
  • Trail Drive by James Rice - about a cattle drive

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