Monday, May 08, 2006


I've been wanting to try lapbooking with Alexandra. I found a free lapbook study on lions at, so I decided to do a quick study on lions so we could see how lapbooking works. I was happy with our finished project (need to take some pictures), but we have a lot to learn. It didn't look as "professional" as I'd like it to look. We'll see what happens with our next one.

Other resources:

  • (made the 3-D illustration of a savanna pictured below to explain the habitat of lions)
  • Lions (A True Book) by Squire - we like the True Books!
  • Daniel in the Lions' Den by Auld - great version
  • Lions at Lunchtime (Magic Tree House) by Mary Pope Osborne

We also did something new while visiting my family this weekend. We had a "show and tell" time. My sister's daughter had made a presentation on wildflowers for school, so she shared her board and notebook with us. My daughter & I shared our lion lapbook & savanna. My brother had just returned from Iraq and shared 2 slide show presentations (with videos). And, my mom had went to Europe & gave us souvenirs & had her pictures for us to look through as we had time. We're going to try to do this as a regular event, especially for the children. I'd like to even have a group of homeschool kids that got together once a month or so for a show and tell. I'll have to think about organizing one.
Here's a picture of the inside of our 1st lapbook. I think maybe it is just too bare? (The file folder is yellow - for some reason it looks manilla in this photo.)

This is a picture of the outside. I'm not sure how most people close their lapbooks, but I hot-glued buttons on both sides & used yarn to tie it shut. I also printed out a lion coloring page for Alexandra to color to make our cover. (photo download isn't working)

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Shona Cole said...

great idea about the show and tell. matthew would love doing it. let's talk!

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