Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm not sure how much we'll do with this, but I have a few more books on order. Last month, Alexandra went to her monthly science class and it was about mammals. The teacher, as always, was wonderful. He talked about the 3 divisions of mammals: marsupials, monotremes, & placental. Anyway, when I got home we checked out a few books & they've been great.

The picture above is from some of the skulls that were on display at the class. There were also some live animals, but those pictures didn't turn out. They also went into the museum & each child sketched one of the mammals & thought about how it was especially adapted for it's environment. Alexandra chose a Dik-dik and discovered that its very small size helped it hide from predators.


  • Is a Camel a Mammal? by Tish Rabe (Dr. Seuss Learning Library) - great book/great series!
  • It Could Still be a Mammal by Allan Fowler - short, but nice
  • About Mammals: A Guide for Children by Sill - short & simple - good for younger kids

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