Saturday, May 27, 2006

First Swim Meet of Year

The picture above is of Alexandra (Lane 6) waiting for her freestyle race to start. She actually climbs up on the block and jumps of to start her race. I would be so nervous, but she always seems so calm!

Alexandra started swim team last year and was the next to youngest on our team. She swims for our neighborhood team and it's pretty large - someone told me there are about 250 kids! We have 17 girls in the 6 & under group!

Alex did great at her 1st swim meet of the year today! (We missed the practice meet & the first meet). She did 13 seconds better on her freestyle! She won a team buck for that - a prize they get every time they beat their previous best time. They get to hand it in at the concession stand and the kids are so happy when they win one.

She did a little slower than her fastest backstroke from last year, but she'd only swam that fast at the very last race last year - Divisionals. So, that was a very good time for her, too.

I'm a "tent mom" or "lane parent" and I get to stay with the 6 & under girls all morning. We get there a little before 7 & stay until we're done, usually around noon. It' s a long, hot morning but it is a lot of fun, too.

The picture below is of her waiting for them to sound the horn for her backstroke race.

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