Thursday, May 04, 2006

Seed Experiment

This first picture is of Alexandra. She was playing the part of Hello Kitty today. She often pretends she is someone other than herself while we do school.

Today we finished up a botany experiment about what seeds need to grow. (We use Exploring Creation with Botany.) We had placed some seeds in the refrigerator, where they got neither warmth nor light. We placed some in a bright window where they got both warmth and light. And, we placed some in a drawer where they got warmth, but no light. The first two groups turned out as I expected, but I was surprised by the 3rd group - the one in the drawer. However, Alexandra's hypothesis was correct!

Since the beans above were in the refrigerator and got neither warmth nor light, they did not grow at all.

The seeds above were in the window and got plenty of light and warmth, and grew nicely. they are nice and green.

This 3rd group, the ones from the drawer, suprised me. They were very large! In fact, when I opened the drawer, the bag was poking up & I thought there was a bug inside! Yikes! These are also very white, not a healthy green. It took me a minute, but I realized they were so long because they were looking for light. What a great way to reinforce these concepts - even to me!

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