Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 14: Butterfly!!!

This morning, around 10:00, we noticed that we have our first adult butterfly! It had already came out of its chrysalis, so we didn't get to watch it emerge. A second butterfly was halfway out and we were excited to watch it, but nothing happened. It's now been about 11 hours, so I don't think it survived. We have 2 more chrysalites that we hope will have butterflies emerging in the next couple of days.

The picture, again, isn't great. It is taken with me aiming the camera into their "pop up tent." The white disc is the paper they were attached to and which we moved into the tent from the original jar. The red stuff looks like blood, but it isn't. I have to look up what it's called, but it is just part of their process. Kind of messy! :-)

Alexandra was excited to see it and I do hope we get to watch one of them come out of their chrysalis and see it with wet wings. We'll keep an eye on them tomorrow!

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