Monday, May 22, 2006

Day 7: 2 chrysalides

Day 7 - The 2 caterpillars who had each made their J shapes yesterday both turned into a chrysalis today! So, we have 2 chrsyalides! (I had to look up the plural form of chrysalis on the internet.)

We didn't see it happen with the first one, but did get to watch a lot of the 2nd one. It kind of seemed to swell up at the head area (away from the attachment point) & then it wiggled & wiggled. It worked very hard for a few minutes & then it had pushed its skin off! It mainly looked like a head & it eventually fell to the bottom. It's really strange as we now have 2 "heads" lying at the bottom of the container.

Also, one of them has become detached from the "roof", so I'm not sure what will happen. He did fall into some of the webbing they'd made, so he's actually still up pretty high.

The other 3 are still crawling around. 2 of them look pretty small still.

In the photo, the one closest to Alexandra had turned into a chrysalis while the "J" away from her hadn't changed yet. They get a lot shorter after turning into a chrysalis.

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