Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blueberry Picking

Today we went with some "old friends" to go blueberry picking. We've only done this once before & it was a lot of fun. The blueberries were early this year, but you did have to hunt a little bit to find the ripe ones. It just made it that much more fun!

This afternoon, we made a blueberry cobbler. Alexandra preferred the blueberries raw.

Also, while there we both tried blackberries. It's been years since I've had them, and i just didn't care for the little seeds. And, Alexandra didn't like them so she helped her friend by picking some for her basked. Alexandra did end up with a thorn in her finger, but got it out.

One other new thing we tried was flavored honey stix! They are kind of like Pixie Sticks, but they have flavored honey. We tried peach & watermelon & they were so good that we bought more to take home with us.

The girls played so wonderfully together afterwards. It was just a very nice day.

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