Thursday, January 04, 2007

You are Unique

We started our science "unit" for the spring - the human body. We began today with "you are unique." This whole study is a mixture of about 3 studies I've looked at along with my own add-ins and books.
We read some Bible verses about God creating man and saying that His creation was "very good." We also discussed some of the awesome-ness of the human body. And, we talked about how each person is unique - how even identical twins have different fingerprints, and of course we made prints and looked at them.
We also filled out a short page about "Me" - when were you born? what color are your eyes? what's your favorite food? and that kind of thing.

The most fun we had was discussing how some people are born with the ability to roll their tongues and some aren't. I showed Alexandra how I can roll my tongue and was amazed - because she can't! :-) We giggled & giggled as she tried to roll hers. Since this is an inherited trait, I asked my husband if he can roll his, and he can't either! (And, yes, this is the worst photo I've ever published - it was taken in a mirror, but it captures the fun we were having!)
We skated with some friends today - a mom & 2 daughters. So, we had them try - they could all roll theirs. Then, the mom showed us how she can flip her tongue over. One of her daughters could and the other couldn't. Neither Alexandra nor I could, but it was sure fun to try!

Anyway, it was just a great start to the "Human Body."

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