Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice! & an Experiment

This is our 11th winter here in Texas and only the 2nd time we've seen ice! Alexandra and I had fun outside exploring, although it was pretty chilly. Most of the ice had melted by early afternoon.

We decided to do an experiment since we learned about the scientific method at the science fair workshop this weekend.

Problem: Will salt make ice melt faster?
Hypthosis: We think the salt will make the ice faster.
Procedure: We took 2 ice cubes and put each in a separate bowl. Alexandra sprinkled ice on one and left the other alone (the control). We watched the ice to see which one melted first.
Results: They both melted at about the same rate, although the ice cube with salt had wholes all over it.
Conclusion: Salt doesn't make ice melt faster.

We would, of course, really have to repeat this experiment again & again to be "real" science. And, my other thought is that maybe it doesn't make it melt faster, but it makes it less slippery!

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