Sunday, January 14, 2007

Science Fair Workshop

Alexandra and I spent Saturday morning at a science fair workshop to prepare us for her first science fair! She is pretty excited about it, though we're still discussing what she'll do for the science fair. Actually, she has her mind made up, but she's still trying to convince me. :-)

While we were brainstorming at the workshop, I remembered how my 8th grade teacher took each of us back to her desk one at a time. She would ask us what we were interested in, just as we were asking our children. And, then she'd give us some ideas. I even remembered the yellow writing pad and her big, bubbly letters as she wrote down the things we discussed. What a great memory! A teacher taking the time to be with us, one-on-one, and figure out what WE liked. Isn't that just like homeschooling?

We were at a table of K-2nd graders and we were talking about science fairs and asking who had done a science fair before with their children. I answered that I hadn't done one with my daughter before, but I'd done a project each year of junior high. Another lady said she'd never done a science fair project. Her daughter asked her why she had to do one. And, the mom answered, "Because you're going to get a better education than I did." (I threw in, "And it's so much fun!") That's one of the main reasons I homeschool - to give my daughter a great education... even better than mine!

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