Thursday, January 11, 2007


For the human body this week, we are continuing to look at cells. (We just didn't spend much time on it last week, and we'd gotten a new digital microscope for Christmas that we spent a lot of time with and never got it to work.)
We looked at books with pictures of cells and then we got out our microscope. We read the book Greg's Microscope and then tried to follow his experiments (looking at salt, sugar, cheek cells, etc). We actually didn't see a lot except the salt and the sugar. The light on our microscope isn't working very well. I hope to get our digital microscope replaced quickly and maybe we'll be able to see a lot more with it!
Anyway, we still had fun and plan on looking at some other things under the microscope, too. We had some prepared slides that probably have cells - I'll have to go back through them and look.
Either tomorrow or next week, we'll move to our next topic - germs!

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