Friday, January 19, 2007

Salt/Ice Experiment Update

I thought I'd re-try the experiment about whether salt makes ice melt faster - both because we didn't watch the ice very closely last time, and we'd only used one ice cube for each. So, we used 4 bowls this time with one ice cube in each bowl. In 2 of the bowls we added lots of salt, and we left the other 2 without salt.

Results: The 2 with salt took approximately 1 hour & 25 minutes to melt while the 2 without salt took approximately 1 hour & 35 minutes.

Conclusion: The salt did make the ice melt a little faster. But, I still think they must put the salt on the ice just to make it less slippery. The unsalted ice was smooth and slippery the whole time, while the salted ice was full of wholes & bumps - it wouldn't have been slippery.

I'm glad we tried it again! (Actually, I tried it on my own, but told Alexandra about it.)

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Steph said...

Great minds think alike. :-) I just decided to make a scrapbook of our "school" year and call it our "yearbook." What a great idea to use your "blog" for this. I love your web log - you have so many terrific experiments, games, and other hands-on activities going on. I look forward to reading more.

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