Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our Current Spring Schedule

We've been back at school for 1.5 weeks now :-), so I thought I'd share our schedule (which is, as always, a work in progress):
  • Bible (consists of our Bible Study, BSF (studying Romans) and about 15 minutes of reading through the first 5 books of the Bible for Keepers - we should finish Genesis tomorrow)
  • Math (RightStart C) - this is currently our biggest challenge - we're about 2/3rds through, and I think we're going to "camp out" for awhile and play games while Alexandra deepens her understanding and recall of some of the new things we've been working on, like multiplication and subtraction "with carrying"
  • recess - 15 minutes OUTSIDE when possible - being very active - a reward for getting through math! :-)
  • Language Arts - we started Learning Language Arts Through Literature and are enjoying it so far - it replaces our spelling program, contains grammar, and also teaches cursive
  • Handwriting - short lessons from an Evan Moor book
  • Piano or Typing - about 15 minutes
  • Creative Thinking - Alexandra gets to choose from a basket of workbooks & we do these for about 15 minutes - one of her favorite parts of school!
  • SOTW (history) or Science (Human Body) - we are switching and doing SOTW the 1st 2 days of the week and the human body the 2nd 2 days - the 5th day is up for grabs! (this is her very favorite part! She loves history & science.)
Well, that's basically the order of our day. We are trying to start by 8:30 and be done by 11:30 or 12:00. Today we started at 9:00 and weren't finished until 2:45. Alexandra was really enjoying our history lesson, or we would have been done about an hour earlier. Also, we cooked lunch instead of dinner today, so that took extra time, too.

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