Wednesday, January 10, 2007

SOTW Ch. 16 - The Assyrians

Today we read chapter 16 of SOTW about the Assyrians. We decided to act out these 2 stories using Model Magic and Littlest Pet Shop critters.

Ashurbanipal & the Assyrians (cats) attack a walled city (dogs) with a ramp, siege tower, and bows & arrows.

Ashurbanipal (bulldog) is in Nineveh with its beautiful gardens. His assistant (Panda) is showing him a tablet he found about Hammurabi and Ashurbanipal decides to create the first library.


Anonymous said...

that was cool i think you shoud make anouther story ps im a bad speller

Kaylin said...

Haha awesome! I was Google-ing pictures of Ashurbanipal for a project and came across this- probably the least boring anyone has ever managed to make ancient history.

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